17 travel highlights from 2017

Climbing mountains, camping under stars, beach days, shark-spotting and more, I reflect on 17 highlights from my travels in 2017.

A guide to: Surviving as a couple in a hostel dorm

From building a fort to heading out for a fight, check out some ways to survive as a couple in a hostel dorm.

Running the South Island Half Marathon

In an attempt to keep fit while on the road, Alice signed up to the inaugural South Island Half Marathon 2017, enjoying a lakeside run and a personal best.

Swimming with Reef Sharks

Before jumping in the deep end with a Great White, I dipped my feet in the water by going snorkelling with reef sharks.

Pride and Personality in Fiji 

Fiji; a land of undiscovered beauty, of awe-striking natural wonders and rich, colourful heritage.  What struck us first about this most idyllic land struck us unexpectedly early. Flying over the numerous islands, which appeared to us as lilypads from our ten thousand foot box seat, we could not but gaze in wonderment at the multitude…

6 of the best views in Auckland 

Mountains galore, crystal clear waters, lush dense forests and rolling green hills, New Zealand is a beautiful country, there’s no questions about that. But when you’re living in the city of Auckland, it can be easy to forget that just beyond the sky tower, harbourside restaurants and bustling streets, there’s a host of incredible vantage…